Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Knife Lingo

Sorry about this last picture, it should be flipped. These are some of the basic parts of a knife.
1. Butt or Pommel: Can be steel or brass, used to balance the knife and sometimes for striking.
2. Rivet or Mosaic Pin: Used to attach or secure handle to the knife.
3. Bolster: a decorative piece between the blade and handle and sometimes doubles as a guard.
4. Ricasso: Portion of un-sharpened area between the blade and handle.
5. Choil: A recessed space between the edge and bolster to allow sharpening of the entire edge, can also be used to choke up on the knife.
6. Spine: The Un-sharpened top of the blade.
7. Grind: The Secondary Edge Where the steel has been removed to form the edge.
8. Edge: The Primary Edge Where all the magic happens.... well on a well sharpened knife that is ;)
9. Point: Shouldn't have to explain this one, you will get the point
10. Full Tang: Where the Blade and handle are made from one piece of steel extending the full length of the knife. Makes for the strongest knife possible.
11. Liner: Using liner can Help strengthen the bond between the handle and the knife, it also looks good! ;)

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Type of Grinds

1. Sabre Grind: aka "Scandinavian Grind" this is a typical grind for a tactical, or military knife.
2. Hollow Grind: this is a typical grind for straight razors and now more common on massed produced knives. great for a sharp edge but causes the edge to be weak.
3. Chisel Grind: Mostly found on Japanese Culinary knives. Makes for a really sharp edge.
4. Flat Grind: Edge ground all the way to the spine, very sharp edge, but not real durable.
5. Convex Grind: Opposite of a hollow grind, commonly found on axes and such for heavy cutting.
6. Compound Bevel or Double Bevel: This is a great way to have a knife with a sharp edge that has more resilience than a flat grind. The red section is considered the secondary edge. and the black bevel would be considered the primary edge, ( the primary edge does the cutting) 

Having the right grind on your knife is important. There are many combinations or variations of grinds but these are the basic grinds. If your knife has the right grind for what it is used for, and it is a good quality knife. You shouldn't have to spend too much time maintaining your knife, a quick touch up and it should be ready to go. I only spend a few minutes to bring my knife back to shaving sharp and that is only after it has been used heavily. I hope You learned something new, if you have any questions about Knives I would be glad to answer them. Just e-mail me with your questions at And don't forget to LIKE our Facebook Page!
Thank You

Thursday, December 22, 2011

One down, Six to go

Only thing left is to sharpen!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Hire

I had to recrute some help, I am running behind!
Judah hasn't got enough of his daddy, he came crawling when I walked in the door and wouldn't let me leave so I took him to work with me. One thing good about working from home.

Groovy Grains!

Groovy Grains!
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Malachi's Neck Knife!!!

So My son got a hold of one of our old neck knife cases and decided to put it to good use! :)
I believe kids need to start out learning how to be responsible with knives at an early age.  We teach our children safe cutting practices and watch them close.  But you have to know they are going to cut them selves this can be one of the best teachers (don't worry most of their cuts didn't make it past the bone ;) they will heal), One of the first knives Malachi had was one I carved him out of wood, he was so proud of that knife.
 He Has a fast draw so you had better watch out! And the Edge... well it is scary dull!
After I get caught up on these orders I will do a post on basic knife handling.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

How Hard is it?

Hardened Steel Core To see if the knife has been fully hardened I test it with a file. When the Knife is fully hardened a file should not bit into the steel because the steel core is harder than the file itself. Now that is Hard!!! Here is a video of me trying to drill through a hardened blade. I had got in a hurry and forgot to drill the knife before I heat treated it so I ran into problems trying to drill it. I can take the temper out of the handle by putting the blade in water and heating the handle red hot while the blade is in the water. If you try to do this without the blade in water you will remove the temper out of the blade itself.

Heat Treating

Well time is running out and I still have a lot of work to do, so I pulled an all nighter. Heat Treating is done....(deep sigh of relief) all went well. I had a couple of knives I had to heat treat twice because didn't quite get them hot enough, but that is what happens when you teater on the edge of just hot enough and too hot. I am still working on getting some videos up but will probably be after the first of the year.
Thank You

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Forged blades vs. Stock Removal

This is a highly debated subject, and I would love to say that forging a blade makes a far superior product. The reason people think forged blades are superior is for the fact when you forge a blade you are arranging the grain of the steel to the profile of the blade, (constant like the natural grain of wood compared to say plywood). therefor making a stronger blade. (I think this is true but how measurable that is, is hard to tell) I feel what matters most is the skill level of the blade smith. That being said, forging is the way to go when it comes to strength in things like hooks on a crane that require extreme strength. But the fact of the mater is, I don't believe it makes a HUGE difference in a knife, a difference yes, but huge no. Forging can save time and material, it is a lot easier for someone to work the hot steel into the shape they desire, compaired to trying to grind away the steel. But the main reason I prefer to forge a blade, it allows the bladesmith to mold the blade into a piece of art, a lot like a potter molding in his hands what he already sees in his head. The way I see it is I could make a machine to grind and form a knife, but then it wouldn't be CUSTOM would it. It is hard to express how I feel, but to me I wouldn't be putting all that I had into a blade, with out molding it into that one of a kind, FORGED, piece of art, for You!


Friday, December 9, 2011


Today was a busy day. The crew showed up to finish some stuff on my shop and build a new room for Simply Cleansing. We have had enough business that we had to build a bigger store room for soap and soap supplies! That is a good problem to have, Thank You for your support! I am Hoping to soon have to make some more additions to my Knife shop. Like a New knife grinder :) Tomorrow is going to be a busy day I was suspose to work but I have too much going on here. So I will be working on knives!

Another Package!

This is my canvas, my hammer is my brush! Come take a walk with me as I paint a Master Piece!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Knife Design contest!!!

Knife Design contest!!! Design a Knife and send it to me, and we will let everyone be the judge of the best knife Award!!! I want to see Kids designs also. Please have your children design a knife take a picture and post it on MT Knives Facebook Page!!! I will make the winning knife design and the designer will get 50% off a Knife order!!!

MT Knives Facebook page

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nothing Exciting

Worked a 10 Hour day, then came home and tried to get the new site up and running... well there is something there but not much yet. Guess I am going to try to get some sleep!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Update video

Neck Knife Updates

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Getting closer every day!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winner Is

Devin Freebern, Thank You all who gave feedback on my knives! Devin Has won a Ferro Rod, they are a lot of fun and might just save Your Life some day!

Iron Wood

I hand select only the finest iron wood for Your Custom Knife!

I could of made several handles out of this piece of Iron Wood but instead someone is going to have one Great looking Knife!

Pictures don't even do justice to the beauity of these.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Back up and running on You Tube

Back up and running on You Tube! Had some problems with my computer and now I have most everything reinstalled on my computer so LOOK OUT, there will soon be many more awesome videos and post coming soon Including some sharpening videos! But here is a video just for fun.

Having a little fun!

Just a short video testing a new setup. I am still trying to work out some bugs with my video editing software. Once I get that done there will be some new videos up.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A package in the mail!

Got a package in the mail today! We now have black and blood red (that is what it was called :) bad name I know!) kydex also I didn't get any this time but it also comes in digital camo and hot pink for you ladies!.... Come to think about it I guess, I would think twice about messing with a guy who had a PINK NECK KNIFE on! Then there is some black and blue liner material, various grit of sand paper, along with some really nice buffing compound!

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